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See yourself in the Healthy Beautiful body you always dreamed about and believe that Now it is possible for you !

By following the Personally Formulated Eating plan given you by one of our weight loss consultants, you will not only Lose Weight but also see remarkable cm loss, notice overall better Health, Increased Energy Levels and increased confidence.

Our supervised weight loss program will teach you how to eat the correct food and food combinations to achieve your Weight Loss goals. ( No special foods required )
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U Slim Weight Loss Consultants

 R250 P\M 
The Secret to your
Weight Loss success is our commitment and dedication
to you ! 

With the U Slim Weight Loss program we take many differnent factors into account when formulating your program. 

Each program is personally formulated by using the clients unique METABOLIC PROFILE, BLOOD SUGAR and CHOLESTEROL LEVELS , MEDICAL CONDITIONS and MEDICATION taken, as well as LEVELS OF EXERCISE and LIFESTYLE. 

By following your successfully formulated Eating Program we can insure healthy weight loss as well significant cm loss.

We assist each client to optimize their weight and cm loss potential by understanding their lifestyle, exercise schedule, metabolic profile and medical conditions.

Each client is assisted by a personal consultant that monitors their progress and success week either on a personal level or through our U Slim-Indirect Program.

Reported Benefits of the U Slim Weight Loss Program:

1. Rapid but lasting Weight Loss
2. Increased Energy levels
3. Reduce Cholesterol levels 
4. Reduce High Blood Pressure levels
5. No Injections, pills or shakes
6. Stabilizing Blood Sugar levels
7. Safe for Pregnant or Breast-feeding moms
8. Safe for Diabetics
9. Vegetarian option
10. Reduced Cellulite
11. Reduced Hunger pains and food cravings
12. Safe for Children and Teenagers to follow

Supervised Weight Loss
Metabolic Weight Loss Center

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